Meet our Staff

Tori Buerschaper, Executive Director

Fresh produce is both a joy to eat and a vital component of a healthy diet, and I want it to be a part of every meal, for every person. CHP makes produce available to so many, but also serves as a vital community resource – a place for all to connect, work together, learn, and appreciate the wonder of plants. It is my great joy to work with those that make this possible.

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Wayne McAuliffe, Manager of Volunteer Programs

CHP offers the entire community a place to come together in order to help others, from the first day I volunteered here I knew that it was powerful work.  When the opportunity came to join the staff and change career paths I jumped in and did not look back.  To sum it up having the ability to connect with the community in such a powerful way makes every day on the farm a good one.

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Dave Johnson, Farm Manager

The farm draws us into the natural cycle of things.  It is a place of growth and consistent change as seeds sprout and seasons shift.  These transformations are an every day part of our work and are reflected internally.  I am incredibly grateful to work and grow alongside such a dedicated community of volunteers to alleviate hunger through agriculture.

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Susan Conant, Orchard Manager

It is very rewarding when you can do what you love while having a positive impact on your community. Working at CHP allows me to do both! Growing high quality produce for those in need makes every day worthwhile.

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Amanda Carrier, Farm Coordinator

The farm gives us the ability to learn from nature while building community. Every day is a new adventure filled with opportunity and I love getting to share my passion for farming with others. Food Security within my community is a goal I strive for, and being able to work towards that goal on the farm is a dream. I love the community here and the passion of everyone involved. It is truly a wonderful place.

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MaryHope Gardner, Development Coordinator

Access to healthy food is something so many people take for granted and at the same time, is something so many people don’t get to experience. I’m extremely excited to be part of an organization that is dedicated to creating an environment where a healthy lifestyle can be possible for everyone through volunteer farming.

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Katerina Matjucha, Orchard Assistant

I came to CHP after a season working at a conventional vegetable farm, and it has been so interesting learning about different crops I wasn’t familiar with and so rewarding knowing that my efforts are supporting the community. I think that growing food locally for the benefit of the community is the direction we should all be moving in and it’s been great to spend my days doing just that.

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Board of Directors

David Guarino

McLaughlinQuinn LLC Esquire of Counsel

Evan Soderstrom

Vice President
Clinical Financial Resources, Inc. Physician Advisor, Partner

Kristin Bafaro

Vice President
Worcester Adult Learning Center Career Navigator

Robert Paulsen

Middlesex Savings Bank, Senior Vice President, Regional Commercial Banking Manager

Robb Ahlquist

Past President
Worcester Restaurant Group Owner

Marybeth Campbell

Harvard Public Schools High School Special Education Liaison/Team Chair

Laura Coughlin

Change Healthcare VP InterQual Clinical Development and Strategy

David Nicholson

Endeavor Tool Company General Manager

David White

R. H. White Construction Co., Inc. Chairman & Treasurer