Meet our Staff

Tori Buerschaper, Executive Director

Fresh produce is both a joy to eat and a vital component of a healthy diet, and I want it to be a part of every meal, for every person. CHP makes produce available to so many, but also serves as a vital community resource – a place for all to connect, work together, learn, and appreciate the wonder of plants. It is my great joy to work with those that make this possible.

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Wayne McAuliffe, Manager of Volunteer Programs

CHP offers the entire community a place to come together in order to help others, from the first day I volunteered here I knew that it was powerful work.  When the opportunity came to join the staff and change career paths I jumped in and did not look back.  To sum it up having the ability to connect with the community in such a powerful way makes every day on the farm a good one.

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Dave Johnson, Manager of Farm Operations

The farm draws us into the natural cycle of things.  It is a place of growth and consistent change as seeds sprout and seasons shift.  These transformations are an every day part of our work and are reflected internally.  I am incredibly grateful to work and grow alongside such a dedicated community of volunteers to alleviate hunger through agriculture. (Photo Credit: Penny Johnson Photogrpahy)

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Helen Rhines, Farm Coordinator

The act of farming makes me feel deeply connected to the land, food, and community around me, and I feel honored to share this experience with volunteers every day on the farm. Spending time in nature, meeting new people, and making a real difference in our food system makes the hard work of farming well worth it.

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Michael Graves, Orchard Coordinator

I love being part of the CHP team and working with the community to create a positive and meaningful impact towards hunger relief. It’s a great feeling to come to work everyday and share in the joy of farming together. Through community farming we learn from each other and grow in our experiences together. The CHP is a very special place and I’m grateful to work with such an amazing team and community.

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Renata Aylward, Communications and Volunteer Programs Assistant

Community Harvest Project connects people to people, to the earth, and to the food grown from it. CHP is an amazing example of sustainable agriculture and the power of  meaningful volunteerism. Every day at CHP is filled with purpose – we provide healthy food to those in need. We grow food and community. How great is that? Every day is a good day at our farms.

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Sandi Wilichowski, Administrative Assistant

There is a reason why “Community” is in the name of the farm. The mission to provide healthy food to as many people as possible is so important to Central Massachusetts and beyond. Eating healthy is not always possible on limited budgets. It is rewarding to see the food we grow benefit so many people that otherwise may not get the nutrition they need. Being a part of this organization first as a volunteer and now as an employee, the dedication of the employees and volunteers is purely selfless. I am happy to be a part of this mission!

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Alicia Cianciola, Grant Writer

As a grant writer, I use the numbers our farmers report and the stories our volunteers share to tell our story and make a case for this model to dozens of funders – including some who have never been to our farm before. Thanks to the work of this top-notch team and all of our volunteers for the work they do, which helps us all envision a connected community where everyone has enough healthy food!

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Meghan Person, Development Manager

I’ve worked at food banks, food pantries, and homeless shelters, and I loved being a part of the vital work of providing food to the community. We often are far removed from where our food is grown and the farmers who grow it, and many people have no green spaces, little time, are living paycheck to paycheck, or are residing in food apartheids and cannot garden. By extending invitations to children and adults from diverse backgrounds to participate in the cultivation of acres of fruits and vegetables, CHP fosters an inclusive environment that encourages everyone to experience the joy of working in the soil and coming together as a community to nurture and grow produce that will help our neighbors. Everyone deserves healthy food, and I’m glad to be a part of an organization working to make it happen.

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Edith Marie Gillespie, Assistant Farmer

Farming is the love of my life and being able to do what I love every day while also fighting for hunger relief alongside Community Harvest Project is pretty amazing.  Food is everywhere, all around us, and yet too many people don’t know where their next meal is coming from. CHP does a spectacular job at helping to feed their community while engaging and educating their community. It’s quite magical if you ask me.


Evan Owen, Equipment Operator

I’ve always been bothered by the amount of wastage in the apple industry. Whether the lack of labor and the crop goes to the ground or having picked it and have it wasting in the cooler for lack of a “home.” It’s reassuring to know that the fruit of our labor is consumed.

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Community Harvest Team 2023 All staff photos courtesy of Penny Johnson Photography


Board of Directors

Evan Soderstrom

Clinical Financial Resources, Inc. Physician Advisor, Partner

Kristin Bafaro

Vice President
Worcester Adult Learning Center Career Navigator

Laura Coughlin

Second Vice President
Change Healthcare VP InterQual Clinical Development and Strategy

Bob Paulsen

Middlesex Savings Bank

Marybeth Campbell

Harvard Public Schools High School Special Education Liaison/Team Chair

Jeannie Hebert

Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce President/CEO

Melanie Gnazzo MD

Family Health Center of Worcester Family Physician, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School Assistant Professor

David White

R. H. White Construction Co., Inc. Chairman & Treasurer

David Nicholson

Endeavor Tool Company General Manager

Kate LaChapelle

TJX Companies, Inc. Community Relations Program Manager

Neil F. Petersen Jr. Esq.

Beaton and Petersen LLC