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Established in 2014

Farming for Hunger Relief in Harvard

In 2022, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the Town of Harvard, Harvard Conservation Trust, Sudbury Valley Trustees, and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, CHP preserved the orchard as farmland, in perpetuity, through the sale of an Agricultural Preservation Restriction.

This property was gifted to CHP in 2014 and from it, CHP donates over 200,000 lbs of fruit annually to the hunger relief network. The orchard contains 13 varieties of apples, and 8 varieties of peaches on a 75-acre property, 30 of which we farm.

The primary volunteer season is apple picking from August through October, but small groups of volunteers also work from January through March to prune the trees.

To visit our farm with a group to pick apples, please visit our Volunteer Page.

Community Harvest Project

Prospect Hill Community Orchard 115 Prospect Hill, Harvard, MA

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